Compare and Contrast

I have realized you cannot compare yourself to another person. Especially is terms of body inspiration. I will never look like a Victoria’s Secret model, so instead I have decided my thinspiration or fitspiration photos will be photos of myself from the past.

I remember thinking I was fat 4 years ago, when I was 20. Now looking back, I would slap my 20 year old self on the face for thinking such blasphemy! Lets get back to that body.


Broken elevator

Our elevator in our apartment has been broken. We living on the 6th floor! I see this as a sign that I need to get my ass moving! Since I have moved out of my parents house and into an apartment, I haven’t been able to find a gym I like. I loved my gym and taking kickboxing classes with my mom! (cue the tears)😿

The broken elevator is definitely a blessing in disguise, but that’s not enough to burn off the amount of crap I ate today!!!

No stress though. Tomorrow is a new day. Get motivated!

WILL Power

I have decided that today will be “the first day of the rest of my life”, so to speak. I used to keep a diary when I was younger, which has lead me to decide to start keeping a blog.

My first post will be on the topic of will power. This is because I am hoping that keeping this blog will allow me to obtain some. Willpower: Noun (n) self-control, self-possession, possession, willpower, will power, self-command, self-will (the trait of resolutely controlling your own behavior)

Being able to delay gratification allows you to succeed in life. According to the APA (American Physiological Association), there is a correlation between willpower and obesity, substance abuse, financial security, and relationship skills. For me, willpower would mean the ability to lose those pesky last ten lbs. (more like 18lbs).

Even with the ability to force my ass to the gym, I still find myself at work choking down 2 slices of peperoni pizza (yum) right after healthy food shopping and promising myself I would start my diet today. The work place can be the HARDEST place to start a diet. I am convinced that everyone is the office’s diet plan is to make everyone else fatter so they begin to look thin. Every day there are donuts, cookies, or pizza in the communal kitchen. Sometimes I walk past and I swear I can hear the delicious, greasy, fattening food calling my name… ”Laurennnnn come eatttt meeee…you will not get fat. We are your friends.”

I am going on 24 and I keep hearing that I should start taking care of myself now because my habits will catch up to me. After not being able to fit into any of my summer clothes, I am beginning to believe it. I am starting myself on the journey to a healthier, happier, lighter version of myself. I’ll keep a log of my eating habits (as disgusting as they may be). Seeing them written down may be a deterrent. I’ll start with what I have had today so far…

Morning (started good)

Egg whites with orange peppers- 68 Cals

1 Slice of wheat toast- 70 Cals

Ketchup- 30 Cals


Naked Protein Smoothie- 420 Cals

Half a pack of goldfish- 130 Cals


2 slices of peperoni- 596 Cals

2 dark Dole chocolate cover banana slices- 50 Cals

½ bag of Pirates booty- 65 Cals

 I will update later if I end up eating more. So far, we are at 1429 calories.


Syllabus BRC 222

Professor Lauren Dukes

Class time 4:35-5:55pm MWF

Objectives: For this course I would like to examine how media has developed throughout changes in technology. My main goal with this course is to integrate you with new forms of communication by supplying the most relevant and new information.

Course Requirements: Modules in Angel will be supplied that students are expected to follow along with as the weeks’ progress. Readings and videos that are relevant to what we will be learning will be supplied in each module.


  1. Quiz/Exams (40%) 4 quizzes and 3 exams
  • Quizzes will be on Angel based on the information in the modules and what we learn during class time
  • Exams will be in-class based off modules, in-class notes, and groups presentations
  1. Group Project (40%)
  • Groups will be formed in Week 1 based on mutual interest and general knowledge
  • Presentation will take up the whole class period at the end of the semester. Your group will teach the class about your topic chosen at the beginning of the semester. You have freedom to choose how you will present however an outline and brief abstract of what will be done must be handed in prior to your presentation.
  1. Attendance/Participation (20%)
  • You are allowed 3 absences, any after the allowed 3 will cause your participation grade to drop
  • In class mini-presentations on something interesting you had found relevant to the course is encouraged
  • An alternative to in class presentation would be the creation of your own module

Week 1

Intro to new media – Find out what the class is familiar with already and what areas we should concentrate on to get the most out of the class period.

  • Forming groups based on mutual interests and knowledge. This group project will allow you to collaborate and be creative. This is a semester long project that will demonstrate what you have learned throughout the semester.

Week 2

Module 1 on Angel- focusing on the history of social media outlets

  • History of the WWW
  • What is http?

Week 3

Module 2 on Angel- focusing on WordPress and Storify

  • Importance of having your own blog
  • Creating a WordPress and Storify

Week 4

Module 3 on Angel- Twitter, Tumblr, and FaceBook, oh my!

  • The fun stuff!
  • Why we should hold back on what we put on the internet
  • QUIZ 1 (History and Blogs)

Week 5

Module 4 on Angel- LinkedIn and Google Docs Sites

  • Focusing on how to get a job using these tools
  • Creating a LinkedIn
  • Resume creation
  • EXAM 1

Week 6

Module 5 on Angel- Michael Wesch and YouTube

  • Web 2.0
  • YouTube stars! (you can be famous too)
  • QUIZ 2 (YouTube study guide video supplied on Module 5) due by Friday
  • EXAM 2 on Wednesday

Week 7

Module 6 on Angel- Important People

Week 8

Module 7  on Angel- Wiggio and Prezi

  • Make group meetings easier with wiggio!
  • Learning how to make a Prezi

 Week 9/Week 10


You teach me!

Week 11

 FINAL EXAM – Monday 4-6pm

Empowered Women


The Women’s Rights movement is among the oldest social movements currently active today. Their tactics have evolved over the years to better suit their ever-changing objectives. The Women’s Rights movement has attained success through their strong empowered members, persistence, and patience.

As with most social movements, the Women’s Rights movement began with ordinary individuals that had a revolutionary idea. The most famous of those individuals is Susan B. Anthony, a teacher from Adams, Massachusetts. Growing up a Quaker, Anthony identified with the Temperance movement. The movement promoted the rather unpopular idea of teetotalism, or the complete abstinence of alcohol. After being denied from the Sons of Temperance community, Anthony created the Daughters of Temperance.

The Daughters of Temperance began advocating this idea of teetotalism alongside their brother counterparts. Their reasons stemmed from the domestic abuse that was caused by alcoholism in families. In a dissimilar fashion, the Sons of Temperance supported this idea for, solely, religious reasons. The Daughters supported the sobriety movement in an attempt to prevent the re-occurrences of domestic violence and assist battered women. They used the movement as a community outreach program.
In 1851, Susan B. Anthony met Elizabeth Cady Stanton at a Daughters of Temperance meeting. The two began a life-long bond as they set out on the search for equality. Anthony and Stanton strived to change the laws and the social construct of women. The oppression of women drove their passions. Eventually, Anthony and Stanton became the known leaders of the Women’s Rights movement.

Within a decade, Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Stanton began the powerhouse that would be known as the National Women’s Suffrage association. They began the movement in NYC and focused on campaigning congress for the right to vote. Men were allowed to associate with the Women’s Suffrage association, but not many did. To associate with these suffrages would be a social stigma for any high standing man of society.

The members of the association kept pressure on the government to pass an amendment that demanded equality for women. Stanton and Anthony’s argued that they were being taxed without valid representation. If they were to pay taxes like normal citizens, they should have rights like their male citizen counterparts. Notice they used the same argument used in the American Revolution, no taxation without representation! The age-old struggle for egalitarianism continued.

From picketing to posters, the women of the late 1800’s did everything in their power to gain the right to vote. Their cries did not go unheard; the Women’s Rights movement introduced the idea of the 19th amendment in 1878. This amendment would grant all female American citizens the right to vote. Although it was introduced to congress in 1878, it was not ratified until 1920.

The Women’s Rights movement is still active today although not with the same ambitions as in the 1800’s. There has been vast progression, but we still find ourselves in a patriarchal society. A recent feat experienced by the Movement is discrimination in the workplace. The term “glass ceiling” was brought to life in the 1980’s and is still being used today. The “glass ceiling” is used to describe the prevention of upward mobility in their profession solely based on their gender. Furthermore, women have earned the right to work alongside men, but many had experience unequal compensation.

A recent victory for the Women’s Rights movement is an act that the Obama administration passed in 2009, the Lily Ledbetter Fair Pay Restoration Act. In the case of Ledbetter vs. Goodyear tire, the court ruled that a worker couldn’t be paid less than their counterparts based on age, religion, national origin, race, and sex. The Act allows individuals who face pay discrimination to seek rectification under federal anti-discrimination laws. The Obama Administration was the first to sign off on this bill to show his support for equal rights in our country.

Oswego’s Old City Hall

Water Street Café is located on Water Street in Oswego, NY. If you have lived in Oswego for long enough you know there are not too many options when trying to choose a restaurant for dinner or lunch. Water Street Café is the restaurant portion of the bar Old City Hall.

Many know of Old City Hall for their mug night on Thursdays but what many do not know if that Old City Hall has great food. The café part of Old City Hall, called Water Street Café, is open Monday through Sunday at 11am until about 11pm. The restaurant has great atmosphere and even better food.  Thursday through Saturday they have live music for the dinner crowd. The restaurant is so large that it can feed large groups of people.

Water Street Café is located on the river, which allows for a great view. There outside deck, available for dining, is great for the summer time.  The restaurant attracts an eclectic crowd. You will find families, couples, and friends gathering here to enjoy drinks and a delicious meal.

Water Street Café has some of the best wings in town. They have more than just the usual Mild, Medium, Hot options and will accommodate your personal taste. The sweet Thai chili chicken wings were one of the most delicious things I have ever tasted.

They have great hamburgers, daily specials, and home-made soups.  The service is speedy and friendly, which makes it extremely pleasant to dine there.  The café is available for receptions of any sort.

The history of the building is what I think makes the restaurant so interesting. The name for the bar is Old City Hall because it was in fact Oswego’s Old City Hall. The interior has not been redone to look modern. The bar has been open since the 1970’s but the restaurant is fairly new. The building is completely connected and is very spacious.

If you want history, atmosphere, and a great meal I recommend you eat at Old City Hall’s Water Street Café. There is no other place to get all three of those things in Oswego besides Water Street Café.

House on A Spring is just one of the many bands that play at Water Street Cafe.